Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fashion Beat Foundation

My New Charity!
Hey all! I am now starting a charity to coincide with this blog called The Fashion Beat Foundation. Below, all of the details are outlined. Basically, I want to give disadvantaged women beautiful clothing and will be doing this through YOUR donations! I will take the donations and style them into outfits that you can vote on! Then I will be giving them the outfits directly and taking video/photo to show you all!
Fashion Beat Foundation was created to inspire and give back to women in need that don’t have access to nice clothing, but still have a passion for fashion. I want to encourage those like me who are fortunate to give back and to make a difference. I believe all women should be able to feel confident about their clothing, and my foundation seeks to do that. I want to help women to feel good in what they wear. That’s what this is all about.

Get Involved:
 I can’t do this without donations! I am going to be accepting donations of ALL types in clothing and accessories. These will ultimately go into a master closet of items, which I will then be styling and giving away (as outfits). I will keep everyone that donates in the loop, including pictures of their items as they are styled and ratings. I will be posting pictures of outfits I style to give away, and allow my supporters to vote on them. Outfits with low ratings will be restyled according to YOUR suggestions! Then, I will be giving these outfits to women directly and have video/pictures available for you.
Once I figure out the need, I will be asking for specific sizes/styles of clothing. This is solely because the women need to have clothing that fits and is appropriate for their day to day life. I will still accept all donations, but keep in mind that if yours doesn’t fit the current need, I will be putting it into storage for the time being, until the need is there.
How to Donate:
Simply send me an email at with a picture and description of the item (ex: red t-shirt). I will then give you the shipping information/address with further instructions. Anyone can donate!
If you would like to help me with this project, as a web admin, organizer, etc. please contact me at telling me how you would like to help. All help is appreciated!

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